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Voice of America: “Crowdfunding Helps Singapore Literature Put Roots in New York” by Aida Aki

“When the Singapore Literature Festival, a community-led, grassroots event, took to crowdfunding to organize a literary festival in New York last October, artists offered their creations as incentives to the generous patrons with the largest donations.

The festival is designed to build awareness of Singaporean writing among readers, editors, and publishing professionals in New York, connect Singaporean and other writers, and offer a platform for regular readings of Singaporean and American literature in New York during the rest of the year….” Read more.


Reviews of SLF readings “Rich Words Poor Words” and “The Twenty-First Century Family”:

Twenty-First Centurt Family ReviewRich Words Poor Words Review


Twenty-First Centurt Family Review



Popspoken article dated August 8, 2014

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Straits Time Life! article dated July 12, 2014