Second Saturdays Reading Series

Second Saturdays Reading Series – Dec 2014

The December edition was hosted by Paul and Al Rozario-Falcone in their Carroll Gardens home. Martha Cooley, the author of the novel The Archivist, was the feature. Before she read, there was an opening reading of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Chua Yun Chun, who attended the reading series for the first time, enthused on Facebook afterwards:


My first mini Singaporean gathering and with Singaporean writers!! Wow They’re such a warm bunch; cerebrally brilliant yet soulfully open! I feel so blessed to chance upon such a small yet unique bunch of artsy Singaporeans! Beautiful home so beautifully decked. Everyone brought food with so much leftover! – from wines to dolci desserts, starters, gorgeous Asian and western mains, coffee, ginger tea, chocolates and like 5-6 cakes wow what’s there not to like!

I feel thankful that this is also a part of my new journey and transition from dance to musical theatre! From the silent shadows of goosing a dancers life that I love to speech! Words! Writing! That for so long I chose to keep muted.

Thank you writers for tonight

I feel so privileged



Photos by Chua Yun Chun